Graphic Design for Buena Vibra Group's online magazine.
"Not many girls today, less even at that age, do something like this. She not only wants to send out a powerful message to the beauty and fashion industry, she also directs it to the people, and even to herself.
She shared with me a little of how the process was before and after she considered it, decided it and did it. For her, the before was a journey of self discovery, self love and acceptance; but she states that after doing so, she has seen a huge change in herself. “I feel fresh, confident and inspired. Hair doesn’t define me, it doesn’t define my beauty or anything about my persona”.
I definitely admire Jazz’s courage and security. I know most of us girls wouldn’t be so ready to chop of all our hair and rock a bald look. Would you be down to hit refresh and leave your set of hair behind? "
      - Patricia Alfonso

Photography: Rodolfo Molina @rodolfojmolina
Creative Direction: Patricia Alfonso @palfonso93
Makeup Artist: Raiza Gonzalez @raizamontes
Stylist: Patricia Alfonso
Model: Jazmyne Joy @_jazmyne_joy_
Graphic Design: Gabriel Vizcarrondo

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